Saturday, October 4, 2008

Pre - Halloween

There is a house in town that gets very excited for Halloween very early on. There are giant spiders, evil clowns in the trees and a woman being trapped in a web!!

We took a walk over and checked out the decorations. There was much discussion as to whether the giant spider was real or fake. I insisted it was real, but holding very still. The girls insisted it was fake - we all know there's no such thing as giant spiders, crazy mami!

But, JUST IN CASE that spider IS real, and JUST IN CASE it was listening, and JUST IN CASE it decided to come visit our house, the girls decided that it would be ok if the giant spider ate the Mikey.

Just in case.


Kate said...

Those are words from good older sisters.....poor Mikey.

clairesd said...

does Elia really walk around with that baby sling, that is too cute! you are wrong, by the way, you've got your share of adorableness. i love this most recent set of photos, i feel like i can hear the soundtrack(s!).