Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Making Books

Papi is good at making books. He has made me books, the kids books, books for school. The kids especially enjoy filling the books he makes them.

A few days ago, the enanos and Papi set about making some new books to fill. Everyone helped, from folding the newspapers to make the pages, to cutting out the material for binding, to gluing on the chosen cover.

They have already set about filling their books.
Well, Mikey's holds nothing. Mostly because Del keeps eating his markers.
Elia's book holds postcards she has received in the mail, favorite drawings, pictures from magazines.
Josie's book has glued in its pages some Coke bottle tops and an entire pack of Post-Its.

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Beth Hanna said...

That´s wonderful! I can´t wait to see those wonderful books!

Crista said...

Del was eating the markers? I worry about what my brother is teaching those boys!