Thursday, March 5, 2009

Art Institute

Last Friday we checked out the Art Institute in Chicago.
I can't say we saw much of the upstairs art because the downstairs kid's floor was so much fun!

There was plenty of art to see, but also art to touch, art to make and play with.
There were puzzles, things to draw and things to read.

We did make a quick 15 minute tour of the Impressionists, but I think that was all we could take.
Between keeping Mikey from swinging on the ropes and making sure Del stayed in his stroller, 15 minutes were about all we could take of "real" art.

We met Aunt Katie for lunch - I hope there were no stains on your clothes, it is always dangerous sitting next to a Mikey - then headed back home. Much artsier than before.

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Beth Hanna said...

Great pictures! The kids' side of the institute probably would have been my choice too!