Sunday, April 26, 2009

Aunt Katie, Are these enough pictures?

So on our last day with Abuela last week, we had lunch at Applebee's, said goodbye, packed the kids in the car and I started my trip back to Indiana. The kids all had special cups with plastic lids and they insisted on bringing them along.

About 30 minutes into the trip, Mikey starts fussing and crying, because he's gotten his finger stuck in the straw hole of the lid. Since I'm driving and he's in the far back seat of the mini-van, I can't help him. So I ask Elia to help him out of his predicament. She tries, but he only screams louder because it hurts! it hurts!

He finally gives one loud scream, and I am silently grateful that Elia helped him get the lid off his finger because I don't really want to stop the car. I mean, we have five more hours to go, let's not stop now!

So we drive back to Chesterton with no problems, just a little traffic.
We make it to the cousin's birthday party (yes, after a 6 hour drive) and I start unloading kids.

Guess what greets me?


Elia did not succeed in prying the lid off Mikey's finger. He just screamed extra loud to make her leave him alone, I guess. He traveled the whole way home, with his finger stuck in water. It was blueish and pruney and sad.

Of course, I took one look at the lid and said "Don't worry Mikey, we'll just cut it off."
Starting another bout of crying... don't cut my finger off, don't cut my finger off!


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Alan & Beth McManus said...

that's a Hanna goes like this:

"OOhh...look what(fill in name of child here) DID!!! Wow...poor kid! Oh wait...let me take a picture before we go to the emergency room."

Katie said...

Thank you for the pictures! I've missed them. Poor Mikey....I can't believe he kept quiet all the way home...and then 5 more minutes while you unloaded the camera out of the car to take the picture once you saw it was still stuck in there, too funny!