Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Our eldest turned six today.
How did she get so old?

Just a few days ago she was a teeny tiny baby. Ok, not so teeny. At 9 pounds birthweight she was hefty for a first born. She made us so happy, nervous, scared, and happy all over again.

Sweet, goofy, kind, and a good big sister.
Creative, joyful, and inquisitive.

She is quick to learn, quick to forgive and ever willing to shower us with grossly wet kisses.

The Smell has been a sweet blessing to our lives.

All too quickly she will be off.

We pray for strength, peace, joy,
and that her sweet spirit will remain untouched.

We love you, sweet Elia.
Happy Birthday.

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Kim said...

Happy Birthday Elia! Love you soo much and miss seeing you!
Your Cousin, Raquel