Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Del Monster

The Deli turned two on Friday. Just for him (right) we let Grandpa take the girls to spend a couple days with their cousins and we went cherry picking! We went with our friend Paige and her lovely girls to Niles, Michigan and picked a whole bunch of tart cherries.

Del seemed to understand that he was turning two and since none of the other children had become "terrible" at that age, he thought he would make up for them. He was a stinker in general that day. And today, for that matter.

Happy Birthday my Del Monster, we hope you make it to three.

As a side note, this video only contains Mike and me singing, with Del trailing along. The girls were at Grandparent's house and Mikey had done something worthy of banishment. So he is providing background music from another room. Don't worry, he did get a piece of cake.

You like my makeshift candles? I was too lazy to run to the basement for real birthday candles. That's what he gets for being the fourth child.
The shaft.


Beth Hanna said...

Monster but sweet, huh? Nice birthday song! Especially the background music! The cherries look and sound yummy! They have them at the store here - for a ridiculously ridiculous price! No, I don't buy them!

paige said...

Adorable. We had so much fun cherry picking with you guys!

clairesd said...

Happy Birthday, Del!

Kris: how have you escaped the terrible twos until now?! I don't believe it for one second! I mean...he looks so angelic...

Kris Livovich said...

It's the cute ones that get you.