Sunday, July 26, 2009


We recently aquired a bunch of styrofoam blocks which Mike saved for boat making.
He and the kids set to, gluing sticks, adding sails, painting jolly roger signs.
Mike attached string to each and we headed to the watershed to sail.

It was a glorious day, full of sun, a good breeze, and laughing children.
We set those boats in the water where they quickly lost their sails, sticks, paint and sundry decorations.
But they stayed attached to the strings and the strings to the sticks.

But then the Mikey fell in.
One moment he was there, the other he was bobbing near me in the water.
Fortunately he was wearing overalls - all the better for fishing him out with.

Poor boy was soaked.

But that didn't stop him!

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Beth Hanna said...

Course it didn't stop him! Who ever heard of a little water hurting you! I bet it gave you a bit of a scare though! And OF COURSE you caught it on camera!