Thursday, August 13, 2009

catching up

It is a good thing Molly takes pictures, or you'd never know what's happening in real time.

For now, I will catch up on the last couple of weeks

My sister and her family were in town for a whirlwind two day visit.
It was so nice to see them. Their boys are growing so big. Dayton is all elbows and knees, Cameron has this husky, no longer a little boy voice. I hardly knew what to do with them.

We sure do miss seeing them.

The girls had plenty of plans for their cousins, though.
"We will play dress up, and babies, and house, and we will show them our jewelry! Won't they love that, Mom?"
Dayton loved the dress up, but I can't vouch for the other bits.

Dayton and Josie both have birthdays in August so Bethie and I planned a ghettofabulous birthday party. It was a barbie princess/jedi knight/mario kart party. All thrown together at the very last, and I do mean very last minute.

There were sad pirates,

and strange little home-made Mario Kart boys,

and a hand made pinata held together with masking tape and gold paint. We were going for a death star meets disco look, and I think we succeeded. There was a J for Josie on one side and a D for Dayton on the other. Mightee fine.

We had musical chairs, a Mario Kart game that included monsters, mazes, dodging, sliding, balloon popping, and maybe a little crying.

We also had a Barbie princess cake that would make a baker cry.

If you were able to look at Barbie's side view you would say, somebody get that girl out of her prom dress, can't you see she's in labor?!! Help her!

There was also a light saber cake, but it looked like and actual light saber, so I can't really make fun of it.

All in all, Josie declared it "the best day ever".
Or at least it was until Monday, when she came home from the dentist clutching her toothbrush and toy, declaring Monday "the best day ever".
Oh, and today, she played with Ben and it was "the best day ever".
Or until tomorrow when it will again be....

easy to please, that one.

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