Thursday, August 6, 2009


Josie turned five years old today.
We celebrated earlier with cousins, pictures will follow tomorrow. maybe

Thinking on the day of her birth I am reminded of so many things:
Demerol should not be used for childbirth - for recreation, yes - for labor and delivery, no.

Our OB did not make it into the room in time to deliver the Posie. There was a frightened looking intern standing by my feet saying "don't push! don't push!". So Josie was born straight onto the bed. Mike claims delivery credit.

Nurse Kim. aaaaah, nurse kim.
She helped deliver all three of our older children, much to our chagrin; and upon noticing Josie's birthmark on her forehead told us "not to worry, the doctor will scrape it off." Nice.

One week after Josie was born, fifty cent bowling started at the local bowling alley. We couldn't miss that, so we tucked her in a car seat, tucked the car seat under a chair in the bowling alley and had a good ol' time. We've gone bowling for her birthday ever since.

Josie is sweet, kind, loving and carefree.
She has a sense of style and a spirit all her own.
Her drawings make me laugh, and they disturb me just a little.

I don't know what we would do without a Posie.

Happy Birthday sweet girl.

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clairesd said...

Happy Birthday, Josie! I hope it was fabulous and that your mama let you eat as much cake as you wanted!