Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Poetry Wednesday, Vol.14

Since Catherine decided to take a break from the blog world, I have nervously agreed to hosting Poetry Wednesdays. Here's hoping I can keep it up! Catherine we will miss your insightful posts and all the pictures of your sweet babies.

Any one can participate. You don't have to have a poem each and every Wednesday, just jump in when you feel the urge. Sometimes it's deep, sometimes it's silly, just add what you want. I'm excited to see what you post!

New Readings - Gerard Manley Hopkins

Although the letter said
On thistles that men look not grapes to gather.
I read the story rather
How soldiers platting thorns around CHRIST'S Head
Grapes grew and drops of wine were shed.

Though when the sower sowed,
The winged fowls took part, part fell in thorns
And never turned to corn.
Part found no root upon the flinty road, -
CHRIST at all hazards fruit hath shewed.

From wastes of rock He brings
Food for five thousand: on the thorns He shed
Grains from His drooping Head;
And would not have that legion of winged things
Bear Him to heaven on easeful wings.

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