Monday, December 14, 2009

worth it

The house was a mess this morning. There were supper and breakfast dishes piled in the sink. Clean laundry piled in each of our rooms, the bathroom needed cleaning. The kids' room was a trash pit - for some reason the children felt the need to empty every single ever lovin drawer in their room. Every single one. So that was nice.

I was overwhelmed by all the things that needed doing, so I took a deep breath, gathered my energy and
took everyone to the Peggy Notebart Nature Museum in Chicago.

What? You thought I would clean? Maybe wash dishes? Not today, my friends!
We needed tamales and ponche ingredients for tomorrow's Spanish Fiesta!
We needed a warm humid environment filled with flowers and butterflies.
We needed things found only in Chicago.

And we got this:

The dishes are still in the sink. I have managed to add tonights supper dishes to the pile. Our rooms are still a disaster, the kids are loud and a bit crazy, and their room will need a shovel just to find the carpet.
But it was worth it.

Note: Elia is not smiling with happiness. She is grimacing in fear, whispering, "get it off, get it off, get it off", while I tell her to wait! let me get the camera!
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Beth Hanna said...

I'm glad you have your priorities in the right place!

Alan & Beth McManus said...

maybe "butterfly kisses" aren't all that great after all...who knew?

mollysabourin said...

Good for you!!

I am proud of you, very proud, and impressed by your gumption to not only leave the house with four little ones in tow, but the city limits! That picture of Elia is a real winner, especially knowing the context of the situation. I hope you had a fabulous, "refusing to dwell on the mess," day!

p.s. Mary and I just had a very important meeting about the importance of NOT dumping every article of her clothing onto the bedroom floor on a daily basis ("See, it drives your mama CRAZY! That's why.")!