Saturday, February 6, 2010

Out to lunch

You know what's nice about having an Abuela around?
She stocks our fridge full to bursting, then when lunch time comes around she says, "let's go out, my treat!"
It is next to impossible to say no.

In this instance we were picking Abuela up from Chicago last Thursday, so my fridge was not entirely stocked. Yet.
But we did have to eat.
And we were so very far from Chesterton, how could we manage to wait a whole hour until we got home?
We couldn't.

We hit one of our favorite Thai places right at the busiest and most packed lunch hour. We though 4 small children would make the business lunch crowd a little happier. Wouldn't you be happy if a two year old with grubby hands grabbed your nice suit coat, looked you in the eyes and said hi? I know I would love strange children rubbing up on me.

Josie loved the baby egg rolls, the spring rolls were not her favorite. She was happy to see the mushrooms in the basil chicken but quite upset at how spicy they were.

Elia proclaimed the pad thai "delicious!" and ate almost the entire order of broccoli chicken by herself.

Del took over the mango bubble tea that was meant to be shared.
He only shared under duress.

Mikey... well, he declared that he would only eat white rice.
He ate a little of everything else, but not willingly.

And I am happy to report that not one of the gigantic glasses of filled to the brim ice water was spilled.
It was truly a miracle.

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clairesd said...

no kidding? those glasses weren't spilled? truly a miracle.

my L. wants me to take her to a Thai restaurant for her birthday (not until June, but hey, she's a planner). I guess we have finally grown out of homemade curries and corn on the cob. :)

Kris Livovich said...

She may have grown out of homemade curry, but it's so nice to have her choose Thai. If given the choice, I'm afraid my girls might just choose Burger King.

Beth said...

Ooh lucky you. I miss good Thai food;
Chicago has some great places. Glad you got a day out!