Thursday, February 25, 2010

Overdue Good bye

The Abuela left us last Thursday, and my laundry pile has grown at an alarming rate.
We had a wonderful visit with her, running around, going out to eat and just being together.
Of course we included lots of work for her. Aside from having her do all our laundry we also had her mending,

and sewing.
(Skirts! For me! Two of them!)

(And the skirts are reversible! So it's four skirts for the price of two! Sort of.)
Genius, genius, I tell you. Not me. I sat on the couch and gave instructions. She sewed.

It was a good visit. We were a little nervous when she came. With our new living arrangement, we are always a bit nervous when we are visited by people who's opinion we care about. What if she thought we were crazy and foolish for doing this? We are no strangers to people thinking we are foolish, and that's ok. And isn't following Christ a foolish thing to do, anyway? We must look like fools to others. But what if Mom came to visit and went home shaking her head, thinking we are crazy and doing the wrong thing? What if her visit was so stressful and strange that she would think twice about returning?

It was a bit stressful - Lois was coming off of an illness and her schedule was all out of whack. Couple an off schedule with snow days for daycare and our schedule being different so we could visit with Mom. So things were strange and stressful and different. But different - Bad? I don't think so, or I guess I hope not.

This crazy idea we have of opening our home to elder orphans is a dream we can achieve, I think. And we hope to have a home that will welcome not only the elderly guests but others as well. We hope for an environment that is welcoming to our family and friends, also. It will take some tweaking and some maneuvering. It is stressful and we are slowly figuring out how to make it work.

But I think Mom had a good visit with us. I believe she thinks we are crazy, but in a good way.
And when she returns we will have a list of jobs for her. I think it will include laundry (obviously).

And maybe some sewing.
We love the dresses, Abuela!
Come back soon!

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Beth Hanna said...

No, I don't think you're crazy - I think you're doing a wonderful, wonderful job - both with Lois and with the four kiddos! Keep up the good work! And I definitely had FUN with you guys! We just gotta keep meeting like this!