Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Remember these girls?

Maria, Lluvia and Eden live in El Paso.
Their parents, Ken and Esme live and work in El Paso and Juarez.
They (Ken and Esme) have a wonderful heart for the people of Juarez and a vision for a Christ centered future for the people there.

You can find out what they are up to at their Onemi International Ministries blog, and occasionally the Day in The Desert blog (but it's been a while since we've seen pictures, ahem).

This family loves the people of Juarez and has partnered with another couple to reach a certain neighborhood there. So many people in Juarez are there in search of a better life. They traveled to Juarez in an attempt to cross the border illegally, or to find work at the maquiladoras, or to find work in El Paso. But for so many in Juarez a dream of a better life is just a dream. They find themselves trapped in a cycle of poverty and need, unable to reach that better life.

The neighborhood my brother's family works in is technically a dump. People live in tin houses and basic services are practically non-existent. Trash pickup? Reliable electricity and water? Grocery store? All the things you and I take completely for granted are unavailable to the people of this neighborhood.

Can you imagine how hard it must be to think about God when your biggest concern is finding the money for your next meal? How can you believe in Goodness when your life is anything but?

Ken and his family are reaching out to this neighborhood little by little.
They pass out pillows, they host Bible studies, they host sewing classes.

One ministry Esmeralda has become involved in is Mujeres Con Esperanza, or Women with Hope.
Please click on the link, and you will find out all about them.

Women with Hope is a way of reaching out with the love of Christ to women in Juarez in a real and tangible way. So often people without hope NEED something tangible before they are able to trust in the intangible. And this ministry does just that.

Esme sent me a pillow from their ministry in February (thank you for the pillow! It is beautiful! thank you note sent, check) and it truly is lovely. My mom bought a purse and some table linens and they are absolutely beautiful. The stitching on the back of each piece is as neat and precise as the stitching on the front.

So if you find yourself in need of a new bag, a hostess gift of kitchen towels, small throw pillows, you know where to go. Go to Women With Hope, and go often. The items available change quite regularly. I'm currently eyeing the olive green carpet bag and the friends redwork pillow.

We have been blessed to see, via pictures, and hear some of the dreams Ken and Esme have for their ministry in Juarez. It is a difficult place to work and a difficult place to have hope. They are bringing hope to so many people who are without.

We love you familia!

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Beth Hanna said...

Wow! You should be a writer, Kris. No, you ARE a writer! What a wonderful plug for Women of Hope! Keep up the good work! I'm eying some of the beautiful items on Women of Hope too!