Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dear Grandma at the Park:

I am "that little boy's" mother. I am the mother not paying attention. I am the mother reading instead of playing. I guess since "that little boy" is four I don't feel the need to hover behind him lest he fall. Yes, he does fall a lot. But he's a boy. I can't stop him from jumping and climbing and running and racing. You will notice every time he falls he quickly stands up, proclaiming for all the world to hear, "I'mok! I'mok!".

Yes, "that little boy's" brother has a snotty face. Every time I wipe his face it gets snotty again. Sorry.

But did you notice that both boys are sweet? They asked your grand daughter if she wanted to play with them. When she fell down, did you notice that they both asked her if she was ok and helped her up? I know, I know, the little one got snot on her shirt. But he did it when he hugged her, so why complain?

The mom on the bench with a book, ignoring her children.

You may now go back to your regularly scheduled happiness.

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Beth said...

So glad that I am not alone. Though I spent most my time at the park today chasing twin toddlers so they didn't wander off to the duck pond.