Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!!

The girls have started going to Irish Dance lessons and they love it.
I would not be exaggerating if I told you that they are phenomenal at Irish Dance.
They took to it like ducks to water, like pigs to slop, like dogs to... well, gross.

View the following video, but beware! You just might be overwhelmed with the beauty that is their dance. Championships here we come!

Aren't you amazed?
I knew you would be.

And on another note - the last vomit was at 4pm, the last poop in the underwear was at 10pm. We have now deemed the children healthy enough for the husband and me to escape for TWO AND A HALF WHOLE DAYS!! to Chicago. We leave our "very healthy" children in the capable hands of Aunt Annie and Grandma and Grandpa. Hopefully all is well. Or at least, hopefully they don't vomit all over Grandma and Grandpa's rug...


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, they're naturals!! I can't wait to see them tear it up in a fancy costume. I'm SO glad you're weekend away is working out as planned! ENJOY!!!

Beth Hanna said...

Have a super weekend! And I hope the same for Grandpa and Grandma! And the kids too of course!