Monday, March 1, 2010

I have decided

to embrace winter.
But it is March, you may be thinking.
Tell that to the great outdoors.

We headed over to the watershed today, bundled from top to bottom. It was windy, it was cold, it was a teensy bit drizzly, and the watershed does not plow or shovel their pathways. This oughta last long.... I thought.
Surprisingly, it did last.

The children, excited for a big adventure (or advnchr, as Elia later spelled it), laughed at the unshoveled trails and broke their own new ground. We had a snowball fight, we walked through the woods and brambles, following four deer who could not figure us out, and we thoroughly tired ourselves out.

Over by the creek we found a small colony of mini snowmen, so we added one more.
It was a surprisingly sweet little group of mini men watching the water gurgle past.

Of course the girls were wearing their best skirts to go out exploring, what else would you wear?

It was a great time, but I still hope the snow melts soon.

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Alan & Beth McManus said...

You are such an awesome mama!

Beth Hanna said...

Sounds like it was FUUUUUNN! Except for the cold! Brrr!