Friday, April 2, 2010

St. Agnes

During the week Lois goes to daycare at St. Agnes.
I do not exaggerate when I tell you that without St. Agnes, Lois would not be able to live with us.
This wonderful place has been so good for us and for Lois.

St. Agnes is staffed by wonderful people who love the seniors.
The activities are respectful, the food good and the company better.

We were invited to an Easter egg hunt at St. Agnes and of course we went!
There is a daycare adjacent to St. Agnes, and their children attended as well.

The elders watched the kids run around and they devoured them with their eyes.
As little ones ran by, a hand would reach out to brush their hair, or tug on their shirts.
"Hey, come and talk to me."
"Oh, your hair is beautiful."
"I know 'Peter Cottontail', do you want to sing with me?"

The daycare children had to leave pretty quickly, but we were able to stick around a bit and chat.
The seniors watched our children get sticky with melted chocolate and our children were able to bask in the undivided attention of 20-odd loving adults. This visit affirmed our idea that both the young and the old generations need each other.

One thing is for sure, fun was had by all.

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Beth Hanna said...

Very sweet. And yes, I totally agree with you - the generations need each other!