Sunday, May 30, 2010

On Friday, we had our Second Annual Porter County Homeschool Field Day.
I spent the day with the pre-school group.
This is pretty much what we did all day.

Just kidding!
Our coffee ran out at some point and there was no Coke for me.
It was exhausting.

The girls had a fantastic time.
Here you see Elia doing the Rubber Chicken Toss;
Good form!

Now you see Josie getting ready to throw in the Sponge War.
I like how it looks like she's going to hit Mr. V right in the keester.

They came away with umpteen different ribbons, even Mikey and Del.
Mikey got his ribbon for "being happy all day!" His quote.

We came home sunburned and tired - and still happy.
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