Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Poetry Wednesday, Vol. 41

From Jerusalem Sonnets, Sonnet 36

James K. Baxter

Brother Ass, Brother Ass, you are full of fancies,
You want this and that - a woman, a thistle,

A poem, a coffeebreak, a white bed, no crabs;
And now you complain of the weight of the Rider

Who will set you free to gallop in the light of the sun!
Ah well, kick Him off then, and see how you go

Lame-footed in the brambles; your disconsolate bray
Is ugly in my ears - long ago, long ago,

The battle was fought and the issue decided
As to who would be King - go on, little donkey

Saddled and bridled by the Master of the world,
Be glad you can distinguish not an inch of the track,

That the stones are sharp, that your hide can itch,
That His true weight is heavy on your back.


Molly Sabourin said...

Really great poem, Kris. By the end of it, I became quite certain that I am that ass, wanting it both ways: easy and hard, freedom and comfort. This made me re-think my priorities.

Beth said...

'You want this, you want that." This is a great poem but I wish I was not so much of an ass. Thank you for this reminder of what I am without Christ riding on my back. Have a good day.

Beth Hanna said...

Be glad you can distinguish not an inch of the track,
That's the best line of the poem! I'm so glad I DON'T know what God has ahead for me - it might scare me silly! It's better to just TRUST HIM!

anna j said...

If you would, Kris, please count me in on the literary fun this week :-)

Anonymous said...

Lovely, funny, a kick up the ass if you'll not mind my language or the pun. Nice choice! But I'm sure it's been Vol. 39 at least once before... ;)

Christ is risen!


Kris Livovich said...

Thanks for catching the Vol., Marigold - I may have been skipped like a record for quite a few Wednesdays into the future!

Michelle said...

I want "no crabs" and "a white bed" at my house...

ah yes - not my will but thine be done!

Thanks for the reminder Kris.

Anonymous said...

Good one.

Jennifer said...

I love it! It was most certainly written about me!