Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Poetry Wednesday, Vol. 44

The Delchi thinks it's time to use the toilet like a big boy. The loose tradition in this house is that a new potty trainer is allowed to choose whatever undies they want to begin their adventure into big kid territory. Deli wanted "Buzz yightyeah unies" until he saw the superheros. Today he wore his first pair around the house, jumping, tumbling, and acting like a superhero, much to his sister's annoyance. His little, teeny, weeny butt now has The Hulk and Captain America telling me to "Join the Team!". Wolverine announces from the mini derriere, "I've Got Your Back!". I do have to say, though, that training this boy is different from previous children. I'm a little less involved. The timer dings and I announce "Time to go potty!" And four eager little voices sing, "pipi, pipi, en el escusado!". The three older children follow Del into the bathroom, coach him through the exercise, praise him for doing such a good job, and occasionally remind him to wash his hands. I don't even have to be in the room! I think I will just start mixing myself cocktails at 10am and call it a day.
My work here is done.

If I Could be a Superhero

Steve Lazarowitz

I don’t think I could be Superman
I’m sort of scared of heights
I’d sort of like to be Spiderman
But I’m afraid of spider bites

I suppose I could be Wolverine
But I’m afraid people would stare
I’d consider being the Incredible Hulk
But radiation’s bad for your hair

The fantastic four, now there’s a thought
But I’m not sure that’s for me
Ben’s too ugly, Johnny too hot
And Sue I just can’t see

Maybe though I could be Reed
And lead the other three
Well maybe Reed’s a bit of a stretch
I can barely take care of me

Captain America, him perhaps
I love his mighty shield
But I fear I’m not brave enough
When things get rough, I yield

If I could be a superhero
I wonder which I’d be
Or maybe it’s time I tried to find
The hero inside of me

The poem was found using a random google search which took me here.


Molly Sabourin said...

I brought my computer and a cup of coffee on to the front porch right after getting the kids off to school and read this post. It was such a pleasant way to start my morning! : ) This made me smile. Thank you!

p.s. I can't wait to hear about the balloon ride!

Michelle said...

great pictures - great poem - fun post!

It reminded me of training my own boys. 'course my first I trained in FL, which entailed "Go out in the backyard and play" completely naked. It was great.

I was almost sad to leave FL before my 2nd boy was ready to train. But by then I had helpers - and well, you know what that's like!


Beth Hanna said...

I loved it! I loved your comments more than the poem! Nice that Del has so many coaches! He'll be trained in no time!!

Beth said...

I am sold out to your method of potty training. A timer and Thomas. Is that really all I need? And definitely cocktails at 10:00. Such a sweet post.

Emily Lorelli said...

Boys underpants are the coolest! And their little boonies (as we call them around here) are so cute underneath Spiderman or Mr. Incredible.

Anonymous said...

Oh I love it . . . and someday I might just have to share with you my most amusing toilet/little boy tale . . . :-)

Jennifer said...

What a sweet little poem and story! I hope potty training goes fast and easily for all of you. It's an endeavor I am not particularly looking forward to!

paige said...

So cute, Kris. Del looks to victorious. How were the drinks??