Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Dog's Life

We are still watching the Lola dog. She will be staying with us for quite a while, I'm not sure what she thinks of that. Now, along with my usual daily admonishments I can add "Get off the dog." and "Leave the dog alone!" Del and Mikey just love Lola, but their love is a little rough. In Mexico we call it Amor Apache, and these boys are wild little Indians.

We are enjoying having her around. She's good to take naps with, she warms your lap as you watch TV, and she cleans up under the table after meals quite nicely. She is a little picky as to where and how she poops, but we're working on that. My favorite part of having Lola around is that Elia is getting used to her and is almost not nervous around her. Elia has long had a fear of dogs. I don't know where it came from, she has never had a bad experience with a dog, but it's been difficult helping her past it. Now, Elia plays with Lola, scratches her, picks her up and snuggles with her. Elia still startles a bit if Lola jumps on her lap without warning, but then she giggles, where as before she would have yelped. So it's been good having Lola around.

And now I begin every morning with this* song in my head:

*the husband thinks it strange that I know this song by heart. I can't be the only one - anyone else love them some Barry? Don't answer that.
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K & E said...

you are too funny....you sure crack me up Kris