Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Lola Update

At any given time during the day, I might hear Lola growling furiously, giving little yips and yelps. I will rush into the room, ready to get after her for doing something wrong, or ready to get after one of the boys for bothering the poor dog. But more often than not, I am greeted by this sight.

Del will be sometimes seated, sometimes standing, with Lola chewing on his fingers for all she is worth. Her tail will be wagging, almost bending her in half with each wag, she's so excited. If Del is on the floor, she will swoop in, bite his fingers and run away before he can grab her. With little yaps and growls she will circle him and dive back in to chew on him some more. He giggles and laughs, loving every nip. If Del is standing, she will chase around the couch, biting at his diaper. He will extend his arms, hoping to catch her, just to have his fingers chomped. The game lasts for quite a while, sometimes Del's blanket is brought in, and there is a tug of war. It ends when Del has made Lola his captive, either by trapping her in the blanket or throwing himself bodily upon her, squeezing so she can't get free.

The Del boy loves having this dog around, he loves how she sleeps with him for his naps, and he loves playing rough with someone who can't tattle. And for that, his sisters thank Lola.

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Beth Hanna said...

Very cute! Having a dog is a delight, isn't it?