Thursday, September 30, 2010

Reading fun

There is this moment when your child first learns to read that seems nothing short of miraculous. What previously to them was just a jumble of little squiggly lines suddenly makes sense. They can understand! They can sound out words! They can read!
That moment fills me with such pride and happiness. I love to read and I love introducing my sweet kiddos to a love of reading.

The brand new reader enthusiasm wanes, however, when the kids realize that sounding out the words "of" and "me" and "ball" is just the beginning. There are millions and millions of more words out there, all requiring a little bit of work to read. And I also realize that listening to them sound out the words "of" and "me" and "ball" over and over again is really not enjoyable at all. At all.

Enter Dick and Jane.
Children the world over have learned to read with Dick and Jane. Parents the world over have experienced the mind numbing tedium that is listening to Dick and Jane.

"Look, Jane, Look. Oh, we look! Look! Oh, Look! Dick, look! Look!"

At some point it deteriorates into "Look, Jane, Look! Oh, we look! Look! Oh, L.... ULLLL... Luuuuuu... Luve? Lot?"

On the outside you are encouraging your sweet baby to just sound it out. Remember, you read this word before, that's right, just sound it out... good job. Meanwhile inside you are screaming, LOOK! LOOK! LOOK! The word is LOOK! You just read it seventeen hundred times! It's LOOK!! Oh, kill me now and put me out of my misery... or at least that's what some of you might be thinking, I would never think that.

We just discovered this book, though, and it makes Dick and Jane infinitely better to listen to:

Dick and Jane and Vampires
Oh, so good.
It features such chapters as:

We Run and Hide
so much fun is to be had playing hide and seek, but what happens if a vampire shows up?
Oh, Look indeed Jane.

We Work and Play
Vampire loves to play and work.
Vampire helps and gets dressed up too.
So much fun, Dick!

Dick and Jane and Vampires,
making reading fun for all ages.

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Beth Hanna said...

Whatever it takes, get them reading! Even vampires can help! I´m sure you´re having fun with it!

Alan & Beth McManus said...

I wish they'd had those when I was a kid! Much better!