Monday, October 4, 2010

The Children's Museum is way more fun when you have older children. I think the last time I was there Mikey was a baby, or not even born yet, I'm not sure. I thought it was a good time then, but now it was really enjoyable for all of us.

I lost count of how many times the boy slid down this pole. He would have stayed here the entire day. There were some tears when I made him take off the fireman coat. Poor boy, he just wants to slide down the pole! Why is his mama so mean!?

My favorite part of the museum was the variety and amount of crafts and messes the kids could make. We made mobiles and toys and played in fall leaves. There were a couple other things we missed, but these were more than enough. We took over the craft room, making purses and pirate ships and Polly Pocket ambulances. The best part? When the kids were done, we walked away from the mess. When we walked by the room later, it was all clean! Like magic! I need some Museum fairies to come live at my house.

The room we spent the most time in was the construction room,
or the Barbie Dreamhouse for boys.

There was no explanation needed, those boys ran into that room and just started screwing things together.
Got two pieces of wood? Screw 'em together!
Four pieces? Screw 'em together!
One piece? Screw it, too!

This sounds kind of bad.

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