Thursday, December 30, 2010

aw, yuck

I always have a glass of water near the bed. Most nights I get a fresh one, but most mornings I forget to take it back to the kitchen which results in three or four glasses of water sitting on our windowsill near the head of our bed. It's nice, having so much water available in the middle of the night. Or so I thought.

Yesterday, while getting dressed, I watched Lola the Dog jump onto our bed, and very nonchalantly mosey over to the windowsill and have herself a nice long drink of water. Out of my many glasses. As if they were her own personal water dishes. No hesitation, she knew they were there. How long has this been happening?!

And a better question:

Will my husband ever kiss me on the mouth again?
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Anonymous said...

Ha! We have been adopted by a stray who was drinking out of the kids water cups outside while they were on the swings. I was wondering if he'd been doing it unnoticed for the whole week he's been hanging around. Ick.

Beth Hanna said...

Dogs lick wounds to heal them. Nuff said.

Alan & Beth McManus said...

or will your husband decide to just go ahead and kiss the dog instead...apparently tastes about the same these days and the dog probably won't mind as much anyway. :-)