Monday, January 24, 2011

How We Cook Now - Volume something

We had lots of veggies and dip for the football game yesterday. The kids all love being part of the cooking process, but as they get bigger there is less and less room at the counter. So cooking usually starts well but quickly devolves into shoving, whining, falling off counters, and every one's favorite part, me yelling. Bellowing, actually. Get OUT! OUT! GET OUT!! That is the kids favorite part. So we will spare you that scene and present instead yesterday's cooking. Everyone got to peel, everyone got to eat a little. Don't worry, Elia did not poke her eye with a peeler - even thought she kept trying. And I did rinse the carrots. I realize not everyone enjoys grit on their carrot sticks, and we had guests yesterday so I got all fancy and rinsed 'em.

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Catherine said...

That is so cute! What a good idea to have them on the floor--we also have the constant pushing, I mean falling, off the chairs and me standing over them on top of the stools disaster scenario!