Sunday, February 6, 2011


Uncle Dave has a very cool job where he gets to fly all over the world and do computer stuff - really that's the best explanation I can give you because if I tell you any more he would have to kill me. And also my brain kind of shuts down after "fly all over the world", because I would love to do that, and right now it is only in my dreams...

He recently returned from the Republic of Georgia and sent the kids some goodies, and they were good.
Among the goodies was a box of chocolates that we dug into without delay.
Everyone picked one and we started eating.
Del was especially excited!

What's that, Del? Chocolate? You can't wait to eat it? Well go ahead!

How is it? Is it yummy?

Super yummy?
Best chocolate ever?!
Wait, no?

NOT super yummy?

It's too yucky?
You don't want it?
But it's chocolate, why don't you want it?

OOooooh, 'cause it's full of booze.....

Both Deli and Josie picked beautiful white chocolates with milk chocolate swirls. They each took a bite and promptly handed them back to us, expressions of disgust on their faces. When Mike and I tried them, they were STRONG with liquor! I think brandy, and they tasted like a shot per chocolate.

The rest of the chocolates were great. And don't worry, Mike and I *ahem* disposed of the boozy chocolates.

The kids (and their parents) are loving all these treats.
Thank you Aunt Katie and Uncle Dave!

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Ruthie said...

Oh my goodness. I just laughed until I cried at this post. I am blog stalking you because I just started up my old blog and I lurve your funny posts. I showed my husband, and he laughed pretty hard, also. I'm a fan; I'm a gonna add your blog to the blogs I follow!