Thursday, February 10, 2011

It's that time of year again

When I get to drive in to the city for a few days in a row and hang out with the flowers.
Back at my favorite flower shop, I get to catch up with old co-workers, meet new ones, and eat all the take-out I can manage.
And they're going to pay me, too!

My loving husband has taken the kiddos and hunkered down at the home of his patient parents. They take us in all the time, we are so thankful for family! For Mike, this is a yearly test of endurance, for the kids, this is a fantastic vacation at Grandma and Grandpa's. For Grandma and Grandpa, endurance? vacation? crazy work? They haven't kicked us out yet!

For me, this is heaven.
Think of your favorite, favorite thing to do. Now think of doing it for hours on end, days in a row, on little sleep, while eating sushi or Thai food. Think of doing it until you drop. Exactly. It's awesome.
Today was my first day back, I'll be working through Tuesday. My hands are stained green, my fingers are sporting cuts and scrapes from rose thorns, the nails are dirty and broken, my knees ache, my feet hurt, and I am so happy. Today was a prep day. I spent most of the day in the basement at the shop, greening vases - a couple hundred - the second half of my day was spent filling orders. I only filled 50 - there's a few more to go...

Over the course of the next few days you can pray for Mike and his parents, that they will survive the wild Indians, and you can think of me, walking in and out of coolers, buckets balanced on my hips, knife clutched in my right hand, happily taking a moment to stop and smell the... well, not the roses, but maybe the stock, or the lilies, or the acacia, or the waxflower.

But not the lisianthus, it doesn't smell.

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Alan & Beth McManus said...

just stopping to smell some good Chicago take-out food sounds good enough to me!

Catherine said...

How wonderful! Have a marvelous Valentines!

Beth Hanna said...

Yep, I'm praying for Mike, Grandma and Grandpa and the kiddos. AND you, as you drive in and out of that city! Just have an absolute blast, hear?

clairesd said...

have fun in flower heaven! i love how much you love it.

Anonymous said...

I hope you are thoroughly enjoying every minute of your time at La Salle flowers, Kris! Happy Valentine's to you and your family!

Beth said...

Oh so fun. Enjoy! I will just sit and picture you in that little flower shop. I think I can even smell it from here.