Friday, March 11, 2011


The day started in grand fashion for Mr. Mikey, with a card from Abuela wishing him a happy birthday and a promise for treats to come. Well, it didn't exactly start out in grand fashion, because we had scrambled eggs before we went to the Y, and he had demanded Swedish pancakes. But the parents needed a work out and have you ever tried to jog with pancakes and sausage in your stomach? Blech.

The day did improve for the boy because we did indeed have a second breakfast which was Swedish pancakes with sausage. And juice. And powdered sugar sprinkled all over. The boy had two meals before 11am, so he was pretty happy.

But then, then, then,
there was a package from Great Aunt Becky; a package full of wonders!

Five whole dollars!
He will be spending it at the YMCA vending machines.
Big plans for this money.

There was also a fireman hat, fireman boots, cars and a Spiderman t-shirt. Looks like Aunt Becky may have raised a boy or two, she knows what they like! "And five dollars. Don't forget the five dollars, Mom!"

We had lunch and went to play at the Liberty Zone, where by happy accident we found some friends.
And happy surprise, there was yet another package waiting for the Mikey, this time from Aunt Katie and Uncle Dave! What a lucky boy!
It held a rubber band plane - ahem, it took me an hour to assemble, thanks a lot - which is not broken yet. Mikey had quite the time shooting it all over the back yard.

Now we are on to the rest of the gift, hand puppet tattoos, how fun is that!?

"Oh! And remember, Mami, Aunt Katie and Uncle Dave sent me five more dollars! I'm rich!"

Maybe I can convince the boy to use all his riches somewhere other than the Y vending machines.

Tonight we'll celebrate with a rainbow cake - pictures to come, my cake making skills are pitiful, but it's sweet and covered in frosting, that's what counts, right? - and some type of shenanigans involving hand puppets.

Happy Birthday Mikey Boy!

We are so glad you are ours!

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Beth Hanna said...

Sounds like it was the BEST day for Mikey!

Kim said...

Happy Birthday Mikey! I love you!
Hope you are having fun being 5!

Shannon said...

Happy birthday!!!