Thursday, April 21, 2011

On the first three Wednesdays of each month we head to our homeschool co-operative and have a great time.  Sometimes we even learn things!  This Wednesday differed only in that after co-op we had a yearly check up for the Mikey.  Co-op ends at 1 and our appointment was at 2, so we stopped at the Goodwill by our pediatrician (I love resale stores, but this Goodwill always stinks.  It smells of mothballs and stale cigarettes so badly that I hesitate to buy any clothes because I'm not sure I can get the smell out.)  But I threw an adorable skirt for the girls and some light up Buzz Lightyear slippers for Del in the cart.  But the Mikey!
The Mikey didn't get anything!

He was swiftly succumbing to tears and quivery lips when he spied THE THING!  Just the thing he needed!  Mom!  I neeeeeeed this!  I need this baby!  And Mom, faced with the liquid brown eyes of love begging for his very own baby, succumbed.  (And it's an ugly baby, too.  So ugly, I shuddered in revulsion when face to face with it.  yech.)  But the Mikey, happy with his baby trotted out to the car and took his baby, now named Herbert, into the office so he could get checked out by the doctor too.

Everything went well.  Even though the Mikey was not wearing underwear - surprise, Mom! - and had mud (real mud, not poop!) crusted to the seat of his jeans, the doctor declared him in great health.  We finally made it home and everyone headed to their separate corners for some quiet time.  The Del and I retreated to my bed for books and a nap, interrupted as usual by cries of "I'm doooone!" from the bathroom and multiple requests for snacks.  Then Mikey interrupted one last time with a request for me to "tie this thingy on me".  Yes, yes, Mikey, I'll tie it, now please, please, let me nap and go have your quiet time.

 That tying was well worth it.  After quiet time I found the Mikey happily tucking his baby into his rebozo and carrying Herbert around.  Mikey talked with Herbert, loved on him and even held him through dinner and a show.

yes, Mikey and Herbert are lounging on a basket of laundry.  Clean and cushiony!

 Tonight Mikey made his baby a bed right next to his own, undressed the baby and placed his clothes lovingly on the bookshelf.  He tucked Herbert in and tucked himself in his own bed.  I told him, "Mikey, you are a good Papi, you know that?"  His reply?

"Yes, I am."

Awesome baby.  Awesome boy.

This sweet little boy and his baby made me think of the sweet babies and their parents who are not able to simply head to their local Goodwill and get a baby.  There are parents who go through heartbreak.  Families who go through heartbreak.  Beth, along with her sweet family, went through their own heartbreak.  She has taken this deep sadness and turned it into beauty.  She and her family want to support other babies and other families.

Through March of Dimes, they have formed Team James and Jake, with a goal of raising $1500 (I think they're gonna make it).  You can donate at March of Dimes.  You can just send prayers their way.  Or you can buy pretty pictures!  What?!  Yes.

Beth just opened June Afternoons, and Etsy shop of fantastic photos taken by all kinds of talented people.  You can buy prints of the pictures, which is lovely.  But the best part of the deal is that ALL proceeds go to Team James and Jake!  So to recap, you get a pretty picture, they help sweet babies. Pretty good, no?  Yes.

I don't know if you can help the babies be more like Herbert, though.  Because in Mikey's words, 
"He can fly.  And shoot lasers."


Ruthie said...

I laughed, I cried... seriously, stop making me cry! You have some awesome kids there. Also? I love the wax flowers at the top. They are some of my favs and made me smile.

Beth Hanna said...

Taking after Papi and Uncle Ken who liked to carry their babies in their Maya Wraps - in fact, Uncle Ken probably does it a lot these days! You go, Mikey!