Thursday, June 9, 2011


It's no secret around here that we have been loving The Sisters Grimm series. We are currently reading book seven - how many books are there? the husband asks - lots and lots. My sister told me about them and we can't get enough. We love fairy tales already, and these books are just plain fun.

The girls put on a play for us, you can see below Henry, Veronica, Sabrina, Daphne and Jake Grimm, preparing for something.
The something was difficult for the girls to agree on, there was some giggling, maybe a little whispering and a whole lot of eye rolling. We never did figure out what that "something" was.

At one point Josie laid her head on the footstool/stage and said, "This isn't a play, THIS is a disaster!"

The audience didn't seem to mind.

And last but not least,
we have discovered the perfect way to deal with the Deli boy when he is naughty.
We send him to the corner and tell him to think about his actions
and all of the implications they may have.

"how do you affect the world around you Del?"

It seems to be working.
Or maybe he's just scared out of his head.
Either way.

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Ruthie said...

Ha! This one made me laugh, too. Especially the dramatic, "this is a disaster!" I love it.

Alan & Beth McManus said...

good thing you didn't happen to be Mongolian (the blog might not exist then) but know...the Mongolian yurt. It would have been hard for Del to find a place to think about how he affects his world.

Beth said...

I love the new look of your blog. And I am totally impressed that you cut your boys' hair. And I really love the play. Did you make the people? Adorable. Peace and goodness.