Monday, September 12, 2011

Idyll in the country

A few weeks ago we spent a lovely afternoon at our favorite watershed.  We go there quite a bit, it's perfect for any weather.  In the spring we watch the flowers bloom, in the summer we play in the creek and enjoy the swallows nesting in the gazebo by the creek.  In the fall the deer come out to fatten up before it gets too cold and in the winter we track the deer through the snow.  

We take pic nicks to the watershed, or we just take a ball and some gloves.  The girls have begun bringing books so they can read while we play (which reminds me, did anyone find a Westchester Public Library Garfield book?  Grrrrr)

On one lovely Sunday afternoon, the girls read books, Mike and Mikey threw the ball and I wandered around taking pictures and enjoying the beauty of the day.

What is this scene I see before me?  
Ah, a sweet little family on a hill, enjoying the last rays of the summer su-  wait a minute.  What is that little one on the left doing?

Is he?  
Is he doing what I think he's doing?  

Yup.  He was.


Ruthie said...

HAHAHAHA!!!! That is hilarious. Boys love to do their business in the great outdoors. We'll be in the area this Thursday- Sunday if you have the time :)

Michelle said...

That's so funny! It reminds me of the time my little guy ran OUT of the church building to pee in the grass facing the very busy state highway.

I was mortified. And couldn't stop laughing.


Dave said...

Well, that IS a watershed!

K & E said...

i knew right away!! He was doing exactly what i would have been doing!!! Man i love that guy!!

Kris Livovich said...

We like to save our natural resources. No flushing toilets for us!