Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sorry, No Poetry Wednesday

Just the poetry of some family time.  It's been years - four, five? at least - since I've seen my second sister's family.  We had the chance to come out to Pennsylvania and we grabbed it!  We have been here since Friday and have enjoyed every minute of it.  My kiddos love all their cousins.  Some, *ahem, Del*, are a little more annoying in their love, but the cousins put up with him which is all we can hope for.  His love is like a stinky, stinky rose, that one.

Yesterday we celebrated Calvin's 11th birthday.  Eleven!  This boy was just a little crawling baby when I got married, how can he now be eleven!?

The day started with some weight lifting,

followed by some treasure hunting - gum at the end, woo hoo!

There were breaks here and there for reading and crochet,

playing of cards,

and general shenanigans.

There were personal pizzas,

and a whole bunch of cookies.

Calvin enjoyed our singing of the Happy Birthday song, I think.  At least I hope he did, we sang it at least three times that I was involved with.

It came time to blow out the candles and Calvin blew.... and blew.... and blew.....
until Aunt Bethie and I yelled "Just spit on them!"  Joking, of course.
So Mikey obliged.
And spit on them.

We didn't mind.

Calvin opened his presents, although it was debatable whether Calvin opened, or Mikey opened, or Del opened.  They are just so very helpful.

Happy Birthday, Calvin!
It was a joy to celebrate with you!


Molly Sabourin said...

I love these photos, Kris! Thanks for the update! I hope you all have a safe and somewhat relaxing bonding time. Call when you get home. : )

Ruthie said...

Looks like fun! And looks pretty yummy, too.