Friday, January 27, 2012

It started out innocently enough

First we went to the Field Museum, and we were all

but then we came home and the kids were fooling around while putting away dishes, and Josie clocked Mikey in the head with a Pyrex bowl, so he was all

and the doctors gave him shots in the forehead and a couple of stitches,
which made him all

but the night ended with an oreo blizzard at DQ, which made everything aaaall right.

As the nurse was explaining to us that we need to keep the stitches dry and clean, Mikey stopped bouncing off the walls long enough to exclaim, "Well, I don't know about clean, I'm not a very clean boy, you see."


clairesd said...

aww, Mikey, that is SO cute--I mean, cool.

Mary Ann said...

I guess you would consider that "a day"!