Friday, February 10, 2012

Not really a quick takes

 more like a random thoughts on a Friday.

In the last three weeks I have made both  THIS  and  THIS  a total of three times.  Go and make them both now.  They are amazing.  The tart is good hot, but it is especially good at room temperature the next day for breakfast.  The cake is wonderful fresh, but if you let it sit two days, instead of getting dry like most cakes do, it magically becomes more spongy and moist.  So, so good.

In unrelated news, the dryer has been shrinking my clothes again.


We went to the Field Museum again today and had a fantastic time.  I am wholly sold on having a membership to really any museum you are interested in.  Our method is to arrive somewhere in the 9 o'clock hour, look at one, maybe two exhibits in depth, eat our lunch and leave while every one's happy.  Wash, rinse, repeat.  We never get bored, and we see MORE than ever see on a rushed free day.  Today we saw the Gems exhibit, we visited Dakar, and we saw a whole bunch of taxidermy animals.  When asked later what his favorite part was, Deli answered, "Well......  everything!"


It's that time of year again.  The time where I leave my little family firmly in the hands of the husband and his parents so I can go play with the flowers for Valentine's Day.  I'll work Saturday through Tuesday.  It should be fun.  What interests me is how each year I become less and less invested.   Don't get me wrong, I love going in and working.  I love eating whatever good food comes my way, and I love walking in and out of four flower stuffed coolers for four happy days.  But do I miss it?  Sometimes, but not enough.  After four days I miss my kids, my husband, and feeling like I am connected to them.  So here's to flowers, and here's to coming home!


This picture is late, but I stumbled across it recently, and it still makes me laugh.
Josie's take on our Thanksgiving:

Dud:  I love you
Mom:  I love corn!


Happy Weekend!!

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Beth Hanna said...

I totally agree about the museums! I´m so glad you can enjoy them! You´re giving your children something many parents don´t have a chance to give! Go for it!

Our dryer was shrinking my clothes as well - in fact, so was the sun! That´s why I went to a nutrologa - I knew I couldn´t do this by myself!! It´s working, slowly but surely, but it ain´t easy! WHAT??? No cookies, no jam on my toast, no sweets of any kind??? But I´m hanging in there!