Friday, February 24, 2012


The girls and I hosted our knitting lady and little girl friends last night.  The husband and boys were banished to the basement to watch movies, while the girlies hung out upstairs making crafts or playing hide and seek, only pausing to come down and refresh their drinks and eats.  We mothers hung out in the living room, knitting, talking, laughing, and of course pausing to refresh our drinks and snacks.  It was a much needed night of friendship.

I made this clementine cake from Smitten Kitchen for a snack and was happy with the results.  There is something about a cake that calls for the whole fruit that peaks my interest.  And Smitten Kitchen has never steered me wrong.  If you have extra clementines sitting around, give it a try.


It is the husband's birthday tomorrow, but do not wish him happy birthday.  He does not enjoy fusses or being the center of attention.  He does not enjoy being the cause of a big to do, and I'm pretty sure if I ever threw him a surprise party, as soon as we all jumped out and yelled, "Surpriiiiise!!", he would turn and walk out the door, leaving me forever.  So do not wish him a happy birthday.  

The kids and I did make him a cake, though.  Inspired by the most recent cover of Saveur, we made him a Red Velvet cake, from scratch.  The previous paragraphs not withstanding, I will tell you that I am not a baker.  I can make a clementine cake because you can have more or less a pound of clementines.  I can make bread because you can let it rise longer if need be.  I can cook cobbled together good food as long as nothing need exact measurements.  But cakes?  No.  My cakes, even my cakes from a mix always turn out weird.  They require to much precision and care, both of which I don't have.  But we soldier on and make him a cake.  I only hope it's as amazing as last year's cake, although I will not be attempting any icing more fancy than whipped cream, so the cake is sure to disappoint the kidlets.  I just hope it tastes ok. 


We watched a movie in front of the fire tonight, kids on the couch, kids on the floor.  I parked myself and my knitting in front of the fire.  At one point Josie told Del to sit down because he was in her way. Del lay down in front of the couch, and I heard him mutter, "Keep the change, ya filthy animal."


Have a lovely weekend, all of you!


Ruthie said...

Clementine cake? Oh YUM. Happy Birthday to Mike!!! Just don't tell him I said that.

Kris Livovich said...

I won't Ruthie. Try the cake, it's yummy!

Alan said...

Hey Kris. Can you change the sidebar link to our blog from the old blogger "Knowing Your ABCD's" to the new WordPress "Knowing Your ABCD's"? Thx!

(you know that thing just below this box where I have to type in two sets of letters/words to prove I'm "not a robot"...the 2nd "word" is "sigenpu" LOL...that's almost a command in Spanish...regardless, I should hope not!)

Kris Livovich said...

Sure, Alan! I need to update that whole thing, anyway. Thanks for reminding me.