Monday, March 19, 2012

art in a few easy steps

Your mother sends your daughters a book titled What to do with a Dab of Glue, or something like that - I'm too lazy to get up off the couch and actually check.  Your daughters pore over that pages, looking for crafts and things to do, right now!

You make air dry clay, play dough, face paint, etc.  Anything, as long as it's quick and easy, but what they really want to do is make a mosaic.  An eggshell mosaic, no less.  Mom, can we crack all the eggs in the fridge to make a mosaic?  No my sweet loves, that would be crazy and would make me yell.  Yes my darlings, I will start saving egg shells.

I start saving egg shells.  And saving.  The bowl sitting on the counter fills quickly to overflowing with eggshells.  Overflowing.  The husband begins to wonder what exactly is happening on this counter top.  He begins to think his wife might have a hoarding problem involving sticky white crackly things.  I may have a problem, but it involves other things.  Like yarn, and fabric, buttons, books, educational stuff, graphic novels....  Let's just forget those things and resume egg shell discussion, why don't we?

I take those shells, and along with my eager helpers, crush them into various bowls.  I soak them in a little water and food coloring for as long as it takes us to visit the library and the park.  I drain the water, yelling at boys to Stop splashing! Get your hands out! Don't touch! Arrrgh, what are you doing!!  No MORE!    It is fun for all, this crafting.  

Lay those shells on newspaper to dry overnight.  

Then, yes then! We gather our multi colored egg shells into individual dishes and set them on the kitchen counter and leave them there for a few days.  At this point the husband has stopped questioning silently and has begun gently inquiring as to what exactly our plans are with these....  colored shells?  I know he was thinking garbage, but he's tactful, the husband is.

After the egg shells have aged the appropriate amount of days on the counter top, we gather everything on the table and commence making the biggest, craziest, mess, most beautiful mosaics one could make with egg shells.  We glued, we crushed, we planned, and threw caution to the wind.  

Behold, true visions of loveliness.  Do you see the rainbow swirl?  The haunted house?  The bouquet of flowers?  Well you should, they are all there.  

You too, can make your own egg shell mosaics.   All in a few easy steps.  


Beth said...

Ooh I love this. I already have a couple egg shells in the cabinet (the husband likewise does not question out loud) and will begin to collect more. Thanks for passing this on. and I love the Stevenson quote. I am totally stealing it! Love to you all.

Beth Hanna said...

Love the mosaics! You need a HUGE house, Kris, to house all your wonderful ideas - and your kids´ wonderful ideas!

clairesd said...

I want to do this too! How long exactly do you have to let the eggs "age"? Anything else I need to know?

also, thanks for the tips about messiness. We will do these in the basement. :)