Monday, March 12, 2012

What do you give a newly minted six year old for his birthday?

Why a parade, of course!

The kids have been taking Irish Dance lessons for a while now and we participated in our first St. Patrick's Day parade on Saturday.  It was everything we hoped it would be.  Loud, exciting, tiring, and most importantly for the children (and the mama), 10 blocks long.  

They hop-one-two-threed all 10 blocks with occasional stops to perform different steps of the jig for admiring parade goers.  My theory in parades is that you never lose with little kids hopping around and dogs wearing sparkly green head bands.  

The Mikey deemed his birthday a success.  He had ice cream, cake, two packs of gum, and he was in a parade!  Oh, and he got a new loose tooth!  Can't get much better than that.  

Happy Birthday to our sweet Monkey boy.


Ruthie said...

Happy birthday to Mikey! Looks like great fun!

clairesd said...

Happy Birthday, Mikey!