Sunday, July 8, 2012

Five on Four

Until they learn to read calendars, my kids are hopelessly confused as to when their birthdays happen.  We have them hoodwinked into thinking the day of their birth is whatever day we decide to have a party.   Elia used to tell people, "Last year, my birthday was April 2nd, this year it is April 12th,  and I don't know when it will be next year."  See?  Confused.

So the Deli turned 5 on the Fourth of July, even though technically his birthday is July 10th.   He doesn't know better, and he's pretty happy with the idea that we all gather to celebrate him with his very own red, white and blue cake.  Funny how every year his birthday is a red, white and blue theme...

His birthday was extra special this year because we had so many family members from out of town visiting, from my side and the husband's side.  Yes, we still have family here.  My two sisters' families have left, much to our sadness - there were lots of teary children saying good by and giving big hugs when the separate departures happened.  Now we have one week left with my brother's family and my mom.  We are all tired but happy to have so much time together.  

Deli had a good birthday, surrounded by loved ones.  Now that he's a big five year old, he's planning on learning his letters good, starting to read, putting his shoes on the right feet and maybe, just maybe, wearing underwear.  No promises, though.

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