Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Do You Ever?

Do you ever have one of those days?
One of those days that finds you struggling to be a loving, kind and non-screamy kind of mother? Where you need a reminder of just why you love these creatures called your children?

Today was just such a day.
Nothing too huge happened, just that we're all sickly and grumpy and done with winter.
Del got in a drawer and decorated the kitchen doorframe with a black Sharpie.
Mikey was completely unable to obey both at the library and at home.
When asked to tidy their room, all the children promptly started sobbing,
"But there's too! many! toys! We caaaaaan't!"

So of course I did the right thing and yelled some threatening things about throwing all the toys away. Too many toys? I'll show you too many toys!! Yes. I AM the adult.

All the toys were tossed in three big bins and promptly put on the landing to the basement. I can't quite bring myself to throw them ALL out, I'm not that mean. I called Mike, asked/told him to come home NOW and went to the bathroom to compose myself.

Then I saw the picture.
My lovely valentine, made by the girlies now crying their eyes out upstairs.

It's a family portrait, drawn by Elia and Josie, framed by Mike.
It shows, in order, Papi, Mami, our dog (what?), Del with the crazy hair, our other dog (huh?), alleluia man Mikey, Police Elia and Doctor Josie sitting at her desk.

I love this sweet family picture. And I love the sweet little kids in it.
Even if it has been a bad day.
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Shannon said...

You'll make it! We all do.

Anonymous said...

The sweet picture shows a Mami with big eyes -- that's because kids know that moms can see all and maybe that's our curse in life -- that we are more aware than dads of everything that is going on, the many toys scattered, the crumbs on the floor, the little unacceptable behaviors of the kids -- just hang in there, and use those "big eyes" to focus on that sweet picture and those sweet faces instead. Maybe next time Mami will have big feet and hands like Papi instead!

Alan & Beth McManus said...

I had one of those days last Tuesday. Ten minutes after I flipped out on Dayton, a friend arrived for Bible study. Yeah, I'm sooooo spiritual. AAAARGH!

K & E said...

Man sister you make me cry...That is exactly how it feels these days! I actually been thinking of you, and I thought it would feel great to vent a little,but I have not even had a minute to do so. Well, I love you sister--I think you are a GREAT momma!

clairesd said...

I have no idea what you're talking about. :)
I'd like to think that I come to great revelations in these moments (those happen, but are very rare), but usually I think: "They'll go to bed soon and tomorrow is a new day!" Oh, and this: "I should try to get to bed a little early tonight." sigh.