Monday, March 2, 2009

Kick It!

We have embarked on the world of organized "sports". I say sports in quotes because to our children this is more than sports, it is an opportunity to gather new accesories. Shin gaurds! New shoes! T-shirts! Cute little pony tails!
What's not to love?

Apperently, there was a lot not to love for Mikey.
Below you see how he spent most of his soccer game.
I'm pretty sure Grandpa didn't mind, but I'm also pretty sure this is not how you play soccer.

There was sweat.
There were tears. Most of the tears spent on forcing the boy out onto the court.
Ah! But then!

Oh, glorious snacks.

Mikey thinks he likes soccer after all.

Snacks should be a requirement at all sporting events, in his opinion.

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Alan & Beth McManus said...

must be why they grow up to be "sports fans" willing to pay $5 for compressed meat products in a soggy bun and $6 for a watered down Coke just b/c it's what you do at "the game."

forget that...the game is better on TV and I can eat and drink whatever I want and in huge quantities at half the price. I'd probably be skinnier if I went to the games though b/c I'd never pay to eat there.

Grandma L said...

Maybe if we started when they were babies to tell them "grab the ball from the other kid," or "do whatever you can to push past that little boy," they would do better in sports -- nah, I prefer that their eyes light up when someone comes to watch them and they run off the field for a hug!