Tuesday, May 26, 2009

On pee, poop and teeny tiny weenies

You will notice that the Mikey is on Safari. He is very seriously "looking for things". He has his magnifying glass, dead tiger and safari hat, and he's off to conquer the jungle.

You may also notice that he has acquired a pair of underoos. Yes! Sort of. I decided this morning that it was time. Time to be done with diapers, time to be done with stinky, chapped inner thighs, time to be done with leaks in his pants. Mikey is also three and three months, so yes, it is time. Did I also mention that I just ran out of Mikey diapers and I don't feel like running to the store?

The Mikey was not impressed with my plan. "But Maaaami (in a high pitched whine) I caaaan't go potty in the toilet. I don't know hooooow. I just caaaaan't" My pleas, my threats, my excited happy voice did nothing to dissuade him. But then... I might have muttered something under my breath about candy for boys who go potty....

Suddenly! The Mikey is ON that toilet. He is dribbling out little bits of pee every ten minutes. And I am doling out the candy and the praise. Hey, every drop in the potty is one less drop on my floor. I'm pretty sure the boy will dehydrate before he gives up on the candy train.

The day is going swimmingly, and yet... we haven't tackled the poop. I have talked about it in a round about sort of way, but...

Mikey makes it through day, makes it through supper, through dessert. Then, Uh Oh! Uh Oh! There's Poop! Mom! There's Poop!


The Papi is home!

I pass the buck. Boy do I.

I hear Mike in the bathroom muttering something about this being gross. Ugh, this is gross.

Have I mentioned we've been eating a lot of corn and watermelon?

Yes. Gross.
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Molly Sabourin said...

Oh my gosh, that picture. I could watch and listen to Mikey all day. I am (was) also a big practicer of the "when all else fails try candy" approach to potty training. This post is hysterical. Well done.

p.s. I am very glad to be on your team for Field Day! : )

Alan & Beth McManus said...

so what time did you finally go to the store?!? Ha-ha...I faintly remember the days. Cameron was happy for a spray of cologne ($1 store variety) for a reward. That was most excellent...and we didn't ruin his teeth trying to pottify him. Keep up the hard work...your dentist might even thank-you. lol

Beth Hanna said...

Someday when Mikey sees your blog, he's gonna THANK you! And not with candy! Ha

clairesd said...

Wow, he went poo on your first day of training? A few weeks ago I held out for 12 days straight and refused to give A.diapers and/or underwear, but I eventually gave in. She did EVERYTHING to keep from pooping. The three hours of howling every day eventually got to be too much for my nerves.
I'm trying a new approach: prayer and fasting. :)
Jeremy is definitely going to train BR. Like it or not!

clairesd said...

btw: I am not kidding. She actually wailed and howled and even screamed for 1 to 4 hours EVERY DAY. It was awful. Could I please have a just one child who is not completely dramatic...
Hang in there!