Friday, June 5, 2009

Boy, Were We Lucky

Last weekend we were able to spend a whole day with our newest niece, Eden.
She came to the Chicago area and spent the night at our house.
Oh, and her mama did too.
But enough about her mama, let's get back to the sweetness that is Eden Spring.

She was sweet and smiley and cuddly and soft and happy.
We had a hard time taking turns holding her.

She smelled good.
Unlike the bigger babies in this house...

It was hard to let her nap or eat or do anything that involved us NOT holding her.
Because she was only here for 24 short hours we had to get all that holding in!

Take a look at that sweetness.

We missed Eden and her mama once they were gone,
but as Josie said,
"Boy, were we lucky they came!"

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