Tuesday, June 30, 2009

This Radio

We were at our favorite Resale Store the other day and they were having a half-off sale (yay!). We walked up and down the cramped aisles - should we buy frames? a new lamp? an old wedding dress? a slightly out of date comforter? Oh the possibilities were endless!

Elia found a fantastic Ariel radio (half off!), WITH batteries (because her mama won't buy batteries for toys) and it ACTUALLY WORKED!
Can you sense the excitement?

Against my better instincts I bought the radio.
And now, most of the day and night you can hear the radio. It seems to like the local country & western station the best. When I tell her to turn it she usually finds a little NPR. Nice.

She carries that radio around on her shoulder, or hanging from a hand. Her head bobs to the music, or she runs in and tells me what tomorrow's weather will be, how many "gegrees" it is out today and why the war is going the way it is
- making her mini boom box "a part of my world" as it were.

And now we leave you with this:


Alan & Beth McManus said...

i saw a movie once called "Radio"...well...I think the characters were a bit different! lol

clairesd said...

that video clip is hilarious! also, your weather is much better than here. It's in the 90's all week here, HOT!

Kris Livovich said...

She is JUST like Radio...

Beth Hanna said...

I don't think she likes football as much as Radio did though!!