Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Poetry Wednesday, Vol. 9

Madrina sent the kids a package this week full of clipped out pictures, a goofy picture of her and a few $2 bills! Oh the happiness! She included this poem. I don't know that there is anything to learn from it, although some days I feel like the subject. My brain does disappear on occasion.

Josie LOVES this poem. I read it to her at least a few times a day. It is on our fridge and she grabs any spare moment to cajole me into reading. She really loves words and how they roll on the tongue - this poem has lots of silly rhyming.

You will enjoy this poem quite a bit more if you pause at "doggy doo" and "old underwear" for the ensuing hilarious laughter. That is, if you are reading it aloud to a 4 year old. Have fun!


I went to the doctor. He x-rayed my head.
He stared for a moment and here's what he said.
"It looks like you've got a banana in there,
an apple, an orange, a peach, and a pear.
I also see something that looks like a shoe,
a plate of spaghetti, some fake doggy doo,
an airplane, an arrow, a barrel, a chair,
a salmon, a camera, some old underwear,
a penny, a pickle, a pencil, a pen,
a hairy canary, a hammer, a hen,
a whistle, a thistle, a missile, a duck,
an icicle, bicycle, tricycle, truck.
With all of the junk that you have in your head
it's kind of amazing you got out of bed.
The good news, at least, is you shouldn't feel pain.
From what I can see here you don't have a brain."

--Ken Nesbitt

Head over to Catherine's and read more - add your own!


Catherine said...

That's great. My kids will love it.

Beth Hanna said...

I think if we have talent night at conference this year, I'm going to read that poem - or have someone read it! It's great!