Friday, February 12, 2010

a charmed life

I do lead a charmed life.
My long-suffering, kind and generous husband and mother have sent me on vacation.
THE best vacation ever.

I started my vacation Thursday and will continue through Sunday, and am having so much fun.
This vacation involves 10 to 14 hour stretches standing and/or running up and down stairs, finger numbing cold, a constant red nose, cuts scratches and thorns in my fingers, and a little bit of sushi.
Oh, and lots and lots of flowers.

My dream vacation?
The Bahamas?
No. Better.

LaSalle Flowers for Valentine's Day.
It is so nice to drive into the city each day and just arrange flowers. The first thing I do when I arrive is peek my head into each of the walk-ins and breathe in the scent of flowers and greenery. Roses in all colors, tropicals in every shape and size, a whole variety of tulips and mimosa. Oh, how I love mimosa. Did you know it is a flower, not just a drink?

Since Monday, our little shop has gone through 4000 roses. Yes. Four. Thousand. And there are still a couple days left! Such hard work and so much fun. I've only worked two days, so I haven't personally touched all of those roses, but my hands are still pretty torn up. The dirt won't come out for a week. And I love it.

Below you see one co-worker, Felicia, finishing her last dozen for the evening. You can see what our shop looks like at 9pm after a full day of making, doing, walking back and forth. We did sweep before the picture was taken, you can tell, right?

So there are still two more days of tiring, fun vacation for me, and two more days of my husband and mother locking the kids in a closet. So, everybody wins.

If you want to check out what the Enanos have done in my absence, go see the Icecream Grandma, she'll catch you up.

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clairesd said...

I was thinking of you earlier this week, and wondering whether you would get a chance to escape to LaSalle's this year, with the new family member and all.
Glad to hear you are enjoying yourself! Sounds like a lot of fun. I know what you mean by this being a "vacation." :)

Beth Hanna said...

Locked in a closet? Of course! And I can't even find the key! Grandpa and Grandma Livo are helping this ice cream grandma today by keeping the boys!!! Thank you, thank you! The girls and I have had a super fun day! Just ask them! Elia: "This is the best day of my life!" Thanks, Kris, for the opportunity!!