Sunday, May 30, 2010

Connor Prairie was an undiscovered gem for our family.
Just outside of Indy, there is a whole village of Prairie folk! All of the employees in the village act as if they are directly from 1836 at all times. It was really neat. And kind of akward. At some point you just want to say, "no really, what is that instrument for? You live in Noblesville. Stop the charade." But instead you nod, smile and feel weird.

One of the buildings in the village was the barn, and it has a variety of animals in mother and child form. So cute and so sweet to touch. This building was one of my favorites.
There were baby chicks, goats & kids, ewes & lambs, even a calf.

Delchi was particularly fascinated by the twin kids nursing. They would trip up to their mama, butt her udders, maybe to get the milk flowing? I don't know, and then latch on, sucking vigorously. Deli just watched, I think once he poked his finger at the poor mama goat's teets, wondering, just what was going on. I am so glad human babies don't nurse like goat babies.

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Marsha said...

Oh my, I grew up right outside Muncie Indiana, and Conner Prairie was my favorite "field trip" of the year!!

It's changed a lot though in the past ummm 35 years LOL....looks REALLY FUN!

Thanks for the memories!

Beth Hanna said...

What a cute shirt Josie has on! Hey! I could make one of those!!