Thursday, July 22, 2010

Joey Lawrence gets married

He's a lover not a fighter, folks. This boy. He has a t-shirt that proclaims "Hi! My name is Ladies man." And yes, he is quite the ladies man. Mikey never met a girl he didn't love and want to marry. He loves girls his own age, he loves older women, he loves those girls on the beach that walk by in teensy bikinis. He especially loves those girls. The boy is 4. His teen years are going to kill me.

For most of the summer, Mikey and our neighbor's granddaughter, Kaylee, have been getting married.

There are elaborate costumes and set ups, aisle runners are rolled out only to be deemed unworthy by the elder sisters and taken away. Flowers (from my garden, yay) are cut, petals tossed, bouquets and boutonnieres are constructed, all with much attention to detail and with grand plans for their married life. Mikey and Kaylee will live with Superman, they will eat lots of candy and if she is too bossy he will tell her. (yeah, I can see that working out well for him)

With Spiderman as their witness, they have forged a happy and lasting union.
Lasting at least until suppertime, when they kiss and head to their separate houses, ready to get married again tomorrow.

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Julia said...

This story and the two pictures are really beyond cute. And personally, I think it's very healthy role playing and nothing to worry about, although I guess they have quite a ways to go before they can get married for real. :)

Susan said...

This is beyond cute!!!! BTW, what happened to your post the other day? It disappeared -- I read most of it in the morning and then came back to print it out because it was exactly what I had been thinking lately and it was gone. I loved it -- any chance you have a copy of it that you can send me? I absolutely LOVE your posts! Keep em coming! Wish I was there to enjoy your children growing up -- what an adventure! they are adorable!

Beth Hanna said...

I don't even want to THINK about those teen years! But maybe by then he'll have LOTS of girls on the string - or maybe he'll forget girls by then! Don't you wish! Or maybe you'll just put him in a cage till he's 25!