Friday, July 23, 2010

so how are you?

I am thoroughly exhausted and there is plenty of summer left.
The past few summers I have felt a sense of regret -
we didn't get to the beach enough, we didn't see friends enough,
we didn't eat enough ice cream.
You know, big, earth shattering, life changing regrets.

We've checked ice cream, popsicles and frozen treats off the list.
We're doing pretty good on the beach too. We've been there three times this week alone.

We've seen friends, although not as often as we'd like.
So friends, be warned. We will be seeing you before summer is out.

How's your summer been?
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Alan & Beth McManus said...

We're waiting for that visit! =)

Beth Hanna said...

Me too!

Beth Hanna said...

We don't have much U.S. type YUMMY ice cream, but our nieves are yummy, especially the limon! Y'all come, hear? And I did discover an ice cream store (yep, that's ALL they sell, ice cream!) and their ice cream is super creamy - almost too creamy! But wow! Delicious!

Kris Livovich said...

wait, you're not friends, you're family! Although if the girls (and the mama) had their way, we'd be there tonight.